All wood items made of Northern Hardwood Maple


Wooden Toboggans
Pull Sleighs
Plastic Sleds
& Snow Boards
Foam Sliders

Flexible Flyer Wooden Sleds  are of the highest quality
Wooden Steel Runner Sleds
by Flexible Flyer®

Built with a thicker gauge of wood
to provide a higher quality sled.
42" Steel Runner Sled $79.95

48" Steel Runner Sled $89.95
54" Steel Runner Sled $99.95

60" Steel Runner Sled $109.95

Winter Sports Helmet

Childrens Winter Sports Helmet
ASTM Standard
Coolmax fabric = cool head
Insulation covers = warm ears

Goggle Clip & Adjustable Strap
Comfortably fits Ages 6-12

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